Breathe through my lungs


Bound to this bed, I lay my head
Open to shed tears, I stare instead
Navigating thoughts from a near past
Nearly every picture came with a blast
Yielding to the dread that weighs heavy on me

“Vent it all out,” the spirit said.
End it all now with the colour red
Rest if you want, but you must hit a nerve
And it’s fine, if resting does not serve

Jump in when you hear the drums
Embrace the peace, that the rythm thumbs
Maybe you’ll get the perfect chance
If this also does not serve, let it bounce
Maybe it’s not today you die
Another day will come for you to try
How do you even know that now is right?

Roses are red, but it’s not like that with life
Understand it could be like a rotating knife
Barely breathing? But you’re still alive
You must find a way, yes, you must strive
Vent it all out the spirit said again
Even if the weight draws more pain
Everything will be fine once you try

Kill these very thoughts that takes you under
Uncover the truth that goes beyond wonder
You then waltzed in and lay beside me
“Easy darling,” this breath is free
Taking me through this tunnel, that felt like your lungs.


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