The Door Opens At Both Sides


That one with a steep knob
is no different from the light bulb.
Hose to the sojourner
is a followership’ beyond bother.
This same door opens at both sides

To reveal the taste of dust and the shape of wind
to relate to its gust and the door of its hind.
Open its sesame and reveal your light
just then alone will you savor the night.
Let this door open both sides.

Let the alchemy of our become
be a hint for those who will come.
Let Shire and Gollum call your name
so the window and the door don’t look the same.
This door will open at both sides.

Don’t doubt the secrets in its pane
while itching to heal its color of pain.
What is to be shone will be opened to you,
Not everyone will see it, its just for a few
while the door opens at both sides.

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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