Something Moved Across The Mountain

Look! There’s the shadow of the mist
Each time she stretches and brings out a hand
Out of anger the mountain responds with a fist
Never knew there’ll be such an allure above sand

Every air that breezes by stops to look,
Leaving the mist and mountain to joust
Loudly silencing suspense at the brook.

Indeed across a feat was moving
Yelp of loss, and a loser was heard,
Eve had come with a loss so befitting
Except for the rustle,no cloud nor bird.

Cosmic i felt, unnatural i thought
How much of ashes can we fetch
And measure what the fire consumed?

Eagerly i dragged me out of my swoon
Limping towards the door of my thoughts
Inside the movement was out of tune
Jibbing at the peeling desire
Against the thought to leave my window
How it was before the mountain moved in the first place


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