Something Moved Across The Mountain

On the sheets covering the clouds
Lies an observer for prime and time,
A read story yet to be written,
Lots of memories from yestreen,
Eloping with faith of morrow,
Knowing what to have and what to borrow,
Aficionado of strength and wisdom,
Needing nothing else but freedom.

A fortiori, fear deserves a grand burial,
Bricks can comfort with how they speak,
Dragon fire can quench, not stop rain.
Unless the clouds refuse to cry,
Lazy hardworking words can only try,
Questions unanswered with no clue,
Uniform thoughts on how others flew;
Decadence is the voice of unbelievers,
Uniqueness in the voice of believers,
Still, something moved but it stays unknown.

A conviction is one to stand with.
Keenly, something moved across the mountain,
In a place where another can move the mountain,
No amount of procrastination can
Tell a man he is under no ban,
Obsolete stories gone to bed,
Many stories have spoken before,
Insisting strength and courage does it all,
Definitely, there’s need for them two,
Everyone happily ignoring the key one too.

When did it come, where did it go?
Inquiry made by man with a faint heart,
Living inside you is a piece of art,
Dying to one day make an impact,
Keep it within or let it come out.
Hitherto, you need to know what you want,
And learn to kill fears, so as to
Resuscitate all you’ll ever need,
Don’t ever doubt the power of faith.

Tomide Abdul

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