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Maybe I looked into your eyes,
And the reflected the sparkle of the stars
But like the stars, you felt so distant,
Wishing to be an astronaut,
So reaching out to you will feel easier

The million galaxies reflecting in your eyes,
Revived a want for you, I wish you realized,
My heart kept racing in thoughts,
Wondering if you’ll understand this feelings I’ve fought,
Having you closer ignited this feelings
And when we kissed, I never wanted time to pass,
That’s when I kept wondering if you feel same,
Or its just one of those days I go insane
And keep thoughts of you in my mind
Emotions that have rendered me blind,

To notice a moment of lust
Is the reason I’m completely lost,
In thoughts of “what if’s” and “what’s meant to be”,
And the silence of my loud words,
That I feel might be a pressure to you
Asking myself if I’m even worth you,
If you’ll imagine sharing your love with me,

There might be someone else better for you
And you might find that someone very soon,
Then I’ll be left with these unsaid feelings
That once sprung hope from a one time fling.

Younglan Louis

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