Two Humans

I’ve heard of two become one
Then later, they become more
Papers were signed in binding rituals
Prices are paid at an under-priced rate
Friends and foes to serve as witness
Some to gloat and others to dance
Item 7 is the reason most come.

Strangers become family, so says the law
Beware of “wedding crashers”, many will show
“If any one has a reason, let him hold his peace”
At least that’s what the priest indirectly implies
Let’s leave ‘asunder’ to the man and woman
The man and man or woman and woman
It’s no wonder what the times permit.

They taste of love and devour their lust
Paint walls and pick out baby names.
Two become one it not an utmost guaranty
That one day there won’t be regrets
That their lives may not become a paradox
Then they will die, be buried in two separate graves.


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