This Is Where It Ends

So what’s the big ball you’ve just scored?
It takes eleven to make a team
How did you make it in four?
I remembered you vividly
From the school we attend
You with poor grades
On good clothes and eye shades
You that’s always on nights’ trade
Your services made profit on campus displayed
You, that drop kindness on the desk
Of rectors who seem cruel
Your charity spreads enough that it touched the lives of many homes.
I know you and what you say
You said you know your way
That you could play your runs at any mile
And of truth you played well all the while
This is the end of your curse.
Congrats.You’re now certified single mother.

Welcome to the final plot
A process never well thought
There was no trumpet to remind us
No angels with garments of white
The mysteries nature holds dear
Just a bump and swollen feet
Dried tears and smeared cheeks
This is where the eyes turn to rivers
The heavens is greeted with Psalms
Through knitted brows and clapped palms
A thousand poems cannot right this
Neither will all the euphemisms be missed
Behind closed doors and blinding darkness
The light is an unwanted sun
Through sad songs and unhealthy lyrics
She reminisces about the pain
This is a road she must walk alone
Through accusatory glances and criticizing smiles
Those who sympathize makes matters worse
Congrats once more, you’ve just been served.

Tochi & Vera

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