Strike and Locks


Good morning class!
This is the last lecture alas!
For us to hit the head, perhaps
We must begin from the ass.
This curse cast has been spelled on us
Spreading so fast
We shutdown the system
We make it crash
They won’t hear our mild talk in closed doors
Their ears so thick
We play our music loud in the public
They’d listen quick
Let’s end the days we work like jack up the hill
Tumbling after one another like Jill
From dawn to dusk for them we drill
But they refused to pay our Bill.
So we wash off our hands
And dust the board, close windows and doors
And make their greedy eyes the academy
For the pupils to see how big it is
Stay at home with your wife and kids,
Watch the news and go to the park,
Or the movies or to play golf.
Let your overalls and suits rest a while,
Wear T-shirts and shorts.
Its been a while you saw your uncles,
On the other side of town.
Just don’t go to work today;
For your country knows not your worth.
They’d rather pay over 200 billion for election,
Than pay for the poor child to school,
Or raise the wages of its staff.
Not because it cannot be paid,
But because a handful of bourgeois beings
Have chosen to loot your share,
Together with my share,
For their children, and their children’s children.
But a revolution is close at hand.
For a goat too will bite,
If it is pushed to the wall.

Tochi Younglan Louis

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