And so it came to pass (II)

Hey beautiful. Welcome.
This is my photo studio,
Cameras and lights are friends,
Here is the round object we call lens,
Be careful not to step on the memory card ,
Don’t touch the socket, it is charging my spare battery.

Here is a chair to rest your curves,
Behind you is a background for you to pose ,
The next room has a kit for you to make up,
Over there is a room for you to change,
Right here is the reception where you pay.

Perfection is not a choice to make,
It is rather the reason we’re here,
Relax your curves and pout,
Eyes on the environment, leave the camera to me,
Seeing yourself if you had a billion dollar is what I’ll show,
For my pictures are a prophesy to you and it shall come to pass.

Tomide Abdul

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