A Die From The Dice


My sisters are not like stars in the sky,
They do not even understand most of my poems
But they still listen ,anyway.

They are like the day in everyday,
Pushing buttons and pulling strings ,
Fastening belts and living right.
Every day they wake up and fight.

Seven of them will go for chocolates but one will always stick with milk .
Four love to read and the rest make the best meals.
Three will dare to walk on water, three will gamble it but the remaining two will not even think about it.

Few are dolphins and the rest spiders,
They love the wall and laugh in private.
None is like the other but we all love to dance

My sisters are like crates of twix,
I can never get enough of their drama.
They are like water; the life of life.
Often they forget how amazing they are.

My sisters are more than i can write,
They are flawed and yes! They are mine
They are diamonds from BEAUTIFUL MINES,
No one can tell our stories better than us .

My sisters and i number one to nine .
One is my child,
Two think my playlist is sad,
One is unshakable
Another is soft as a feather
One is soo much like me
One should be called positivity
The last is my errand girl.

Roses are not always red,
But our Love comes in nine different flavours ,
Through high highs and stupid lows,
They still laugh at my jokes.
They still call me insane.
They all know my name.

We were all born on a stage.


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