Pick A Die From The Dice

The Wedding

I watched her from The Altar
Her Beauty, the Veil Couldn’t Alter.
She Smiled when She Caught Me Staring,
The first day I saw her, I was On the Steering.

Like My time, I watched her,
Perfectly Curved,
Pure white Gown that showed her purity.
Like an Idol I adored her.

I remembered the night,
The night I said no to her demands.
Though she used all of her Might,
I didn’t Succumb to her demands.

I told her I’d wait,
But she thought of the weight,
It was too heavy so she left,
She left Me to pay Love’s Debt.

But today, as I stand on This Altar,
I’m proud my resolution didn’t falter.
And I feel like The Best Man,
And of Course, I’m her Husband’s Best-Man.

She married My Best Friend After All!


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