If Love Leads The Way | Abdulqudus Olalekan


Our differences shouldn’t separate us,

because it never did to our fore-fathers,

as Amadioha, Sango, Osun and other gods;

all had followers until the whites came along.


They gave us religion and took away our gold,

took away the pride of our women,

took away our natural resources,

took away our gods to adorn museums,

took away our unity, love and togetherness.


Like an aggrieved desert,

we’re now agitated youths,

ranting pointlessly on social media.

Cyber bully is now a hobby,

to people who have less to offer.


In our stupidity lies our foolishness.

I wish the youths could think far,

so our impaired vision is cured,

our shallow thoughts deep,

our unnecessary trolls stopped,

and we open our minds to the true religion; Love.


Though death is a certainty, not making an impact when one is alive is unforgivable. We are using our words now, so even in our death, we have voices that lives forever.- Wildkhard
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