A Die From The Dice


Save The Burn

There was something about the fire
And the way it looked at me,
Her temper’s hunger was higher
And this time it ate up differently.
It searched and emptied the kitchen
Before moving into the store,
Razing, dropping and wishing,
Cleaning up and wanting more.
She belched and sent annoying steams
That flew straight to the living room,
Leaving uncoordinated beams,
That swept through like a broom.
Up the stairs her wings took her,
And her might flung the doors away,
Wearing a face that innocence couldn’t deter,
She continued to spray.
Suddenly she paused
When she was about to leave through the window,
And I was wondering what had caused
This time for speed to think up slow,
That’s how she turned to me
At the corner of the room,
And looked me dead in the eyes
With some sort of patience’s anomaly.
The worse was what would loom,
Or so I’d thought,
But a drop of tear from the eyes of fire was an uncanny suprise.

There was something about the fire
And the way it looked at me,
It carried me carefully
And left me at the balcony
Before guarding the door.
Wearing a face of innocence could always deter,
Now I have a friend in fire, and I’m glad I met her.


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