“Girl Child, Boy Child, One mind.” | Victor Oyedele


Restricted to staying at home, sweeping, and cooking,
While her brothers are busy in school feeding their minds.
Restricted to her house chores, while her brothers are solving equations,
And curving compasses.

Restricted to child bearing, and home keeping.

How do they raise the children’s standards at home
With little or no formal education?

Education does not revolve around mathematics and physics only.
Education is simply feeding the mind,
With new ideas, new ways of doing things.

Some restrict women to grooming, and preparing for marriage,

Her personal dignity and body parts, negotiated like ripe tomatoes at the market place.
Her mouth sealed, for she knows not her worth,
A say about her future, she has no right.

Bearer of children, giver of life.
Heart made of gold, her home she carves carefully
Like a sculptor making a fine piece out of stone,
With little or no formal education.

Times are changing, the clock is ticking,
Responsibilities are getting thicker,
Men are getting tired,
And frustrated from bearing all the cost of raising a family.
A work shared, means less time, and energy.
Girl child, boy child, one mind.
Education depends on individual dedication.

Created to help, and reproduce.
What amount of support can she render
With little or no education?
How does she determine when she would concieve,
With little or no education?
How does she raise her kids properly
In the absence of her educated husband?

Educate a man, he builds a family,
Educate a woman, she helps to building a society.
Girl child, boy child, one mind. Educate them both.


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Victor Oyedele(Olaveez)
is from Ondo state.
He grew up in Kaduna, Kaduna State.
He’s a graduate of Political Science.
He loves music, cooking, and helping people understand things better.
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  • Dubem

    March 14, 2018 at 7:36 am

    Nice piece


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