How Did I Find You?


Underneath where conscience lie,
Is evidence of two
Tiny traces i untie
To finally find you.

To finally find you,
if i must answer why,
is like a drop of dew
descending from the sky.

Descending from the sky,
like rain that sets us free,
was how you caught my eye
So now clearly i see.

So now clearly i see
The beauty of sunset.
There’s more you mean to me,
a daylight breaking yet.

I miss you like yesterday
Sunny,fun but gone
No space left in my being
You occupy me completely

You occupy me completely
Like a beautiful lake
Surrounded by those elements
Flaunting as a beautiful prison

Flaunting as a beautiful prison
Where my soul longs to dwell
I can’t remember where
How did I find you?

How did I find you
In my arms again?
I thought I lost you
Chasing the goose,long ago

Staring into your sweet face,
Watching a smile burst forth
A reflection of grace
Translated in your worth.

Translated in your worth,
Your sight makes my heart race
Jingle from South to North
Like a spade full of ace.

Like a spade full of ace,
I feel the butterflies.
Love with a neon lace
Sparkling like fireflies.

Sparkling like fireflies
Glowing in softer hues,
So much that the earth spies.
I have found my soul blues.

How on earth did I lose you?
you never left my sight,
neither did I leave yours too,
like diamond you shone bright.

Like diamond you shone bright.
with pride, I call you boo,
you inspire me to write,
you correct my wrong too.

You correct my wrong too,
how I wish you were found,
so you help me scale through.
Fine, I’ll just look around.

Fine, I’ll just look around.
How did I find you first?
I will search my heart round,
to know where we met first.


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