Note To My Mother | Abdulqudus Olalekan


Iya Mi,
the pains of child birth,
the smile of seeing me cry,
me biting you calling it sucking,
with joy I was still offered to suck.

I thought you beat me then out of hatred,
I grew up mum,
people are smiling to me with hatred,
I’m finding love but seeing only yours,
I’m sorry for everytime I made you cry.

Mama na,
people ask why I don’t show you off,
posting on social media doesn’t mean love,
I appreciate you all day of my life,
I dont need a “March 11” to do that.
I don’t cherish you alone, my siblings too do,
we are filled with pride by seeing you smile.

making you happy is my top priority.
I don’t need a million dollar to do that,
I’ll just get those degrees,
marry a good wife,
provide you with the best grand children ever,
live the rest of my life happy &
may you live long to reap your fruit of labour


My name is Abdulqudus Olalekan (Wildkhard). I find passion in writing and I find peace with poetry. I don’t necessarily categorize myself as a writer, I’m just someone who uses my pen and paper to make characters words and make words sentences, until I’m convinced it makes sense to me and my reader.
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