Short Story: “Son Of Ladi” | Haruna Solomon.


The entire village knew the day my new wife gave birth. Neighboring villages heard of it too. The news did not spread fast because Ladi was able to push a child out of her slim body, or break the bond of girl-child my two wives weaved. The news travelled far because the child she bore was not one who will gather people to my compound to drink Kunu, leave with full stomachs and gourds. She bore a child whom the village could not call ‘Our Own’.

I was in the bush collecting dried stalks for my new barn when the news reached me. It was Azi, whose words has same odour as his breath that brought the news to me. He swallowed details of the birth same way he does when he regurgitates. “The piglet in your wife’s womb is out!” He said this as he whistled away in search of gossip ears for his bad mouth.

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