Poetry: I JUST DEY ASK | Bose Ayeni-Tsevende

How e be say
As labourer get power reach
No be so money full ‘im pocket?

How e be say
As book full professor head
And big big grammar boku for im mouth,
No be so im pocket wan tear with money?

How e be say
Some small pikin dem
Wey just dey arrive for this world
And no be say
Dem sabi anything sef
Dem get everything
And man
Wey time don do arithmetic for im head
No get nothing, nothing
For him pocket or anywhere?

How e be say
Some people fine so teyyyy
E be like say join-join no dey dem body
But nothing join dem with money
And some wowoh like say NEPA carry light
But na so dem pocket dey shine
Money dey shine dem eye. Why e be so?


How e be say
Small common sense
Some people no get
And money dey follow follow dem
And some wise pass Mungo Park
Sake of find- find
And their sabi- sabi
But small money no find dem come?
Abi na im make some people talk say
Money miss road?
I no know.
You think say me ma I sabi?
For where?
I just dey ask.

┬ęBose Ayeni-Tsevende

Bose Ayeni-Tsevende has often been described as poet of all ages. She simplifies poetry and tells you deeply in words that make you not forget to remember the beauty in poems. A former Dance and Choreography lecturer at the department of Theater and Film Arts, University of Jos, Bose has acted, performed and mimed in all forms of stage performances.
She is a dancer, choreographer, poet, a mother and grandmother of many children.

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