Poetry: “MERRY NEW DAY” | Thomas Bot


Where stars burn bright
The moon is stripped of its pride
Let the particles of the broken clouds shine
Make joyous hearts easy to find
While the moon traipses and dawdles in self-pity

The galaxies conspired
Who could foretell what could transpire?
But we sat
Our buttocks glued to the bench of patience
Our hearts clapping against our ribcages
Watching as days slowly lose their sunny and happy ambience
The reward was the beauty that transcends ages

Today has dawned with a baby sun
Pregnant with the songs that spur fun
So we flip backwards the tongues of the pages of the year just past
Marking the moments that sparked those memories we don’t hope to let go fast
We count, one after one
Till in teary joy we lose the count

Today we peel a new page
Virgin like a baby’s brain
Let’s start stocking the score again

© Thomas Bot 2017

Thomas Tok Bot is a spoken word poet, songwriter and community worker who loves music, playing the guitar, playing basketball, reading, writing, painting, and meeting people.
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