Poetry: Goodbye Depression!


With you it was love and first sight
Coating lust with gold ,
Singing songs in silence ,
Giving comfort to a sick soul at first.

You were the beauty to my suicidal thoughts,
A navigator to every slit and piercing ,
Affirming all my imaginations ,
Salting all my open wounds,
Making me my audience in our space.

I loved you and all the pictures you painted,
And for all the relationships you set ablaze , i admire.
Not all that was , was meant to be.
For to everything under the sun there is a time.

Somehow, I know you are as the wind,
Oh beautiful nonsense!
Whistling when given the chance,
Stirring up dust for no reason sane,
Asking me to remember what was.

With a teary smile i have to let you go.
It’s a new era, let me be happy.

wetin(what) nor(don’t/not)
ngwanu(oya) dey(and/stat)
Dear depression,

With a heart heavy with words,lost
I write quite with a blank impression
Truth is I can’t seem to understand your lust

After all these years, you still claim to want me
Well I am not interested. Let me be

Wait first, wetin be your own- I say I nor want
Na by force? ngwanu do come dey go
I haff tired for all your non-sense chant
Bugging my thinking to be doing me slow slow

Dis your own, I am nor understanding again
E be like your brain dey pain

Can’t a brother have peace of mind?
I mean be alone, have some thoughts and feel refined?
Take your time- just dey your lane

Goodbye the bed not for this home,
take away your sheet and leave my peace.
I do not want a tiny taste of your piece,
Leave this island, find some other lands to roam.
You have overstayed a welcome unforeseen
threatened my smile, laughter and its kin.
I have enjoyed your blossoming bosom
and how it turned me up to my bottom.
I didn’t mean for us to mate
you kept knocking at my gate.
I offered you free verses from a note
you gave me minor tones to be joy’s antidote.
Take your rain and leaf over my seed
plant your decay somewhere, grow some good deed.
I do not find a minuscule of your emptiness
walking with you has already made me a mess.
Goodbye to your walls that have cracked my floor
do not find this as a welcome, don’t knock on this door.

This is to those years you took from me
the memories of my family.
How you lied you’d fulfill promises
that resurrected hope only to slaughter.
See the veins decided to remain;
those pillars you erected on my forehead.
At night when i board your train,
i see the accident; i know i am dead.
Tonight i remember to forget;
i refuse to recollect,
those times we laughed, jeered and cheered –
they always ended in amounts of oceans i ‘teared.’
So here is your report;
a final verdict settled out of court:
The cushion is yours,
The dining, the bedroom, and the shower of course.
Your prints, i’ve wiped off the windowpane.
Your sweat retired on those curtains.
Go into the kitchen and leave with the silverwares,
I apologise for those nights i couldn’t stomach a knife,
those mornings i thought too much about a wife.
To necks you twisted in their knots,
to heads that forced you out of their plots,
to the way my will found to let you go,
this is how i’d repay everything i owe

The sweat of these eyes you may have seen.
In the stream of my thoughts its tears flow
Leaving me one pale broken being
Yet i wear this SMILE in caps.
My heart in my mouth, head in my hands
I plead with the demons that beast me
Even though most times we were friends.
I hated the company we shared
And the unbearable burdens I bore.
It suddenly feels like true freedom.
Now I see,missing you most time helps.
This trend I’ll embrace with my grip’s tightest.
Wherever you head from here,
I don’t care!
Just stay away from me and mine.
Safe flight! I wish you find a space within yourself
And stay there, depressed.

Emny Circuit.

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