Poetry: Selah!


If it’s coming down on me
it’d be the weight of the debris.
With eyes wide open
We still living in the dark.
They say the promises are broken,
I say arrest the ones who believed them.
If tomorrow and the next were a gift,
some of us won’t receive them.
It’s gathered in a spot,
the mind is fenced and surrounded.
The story has a broken plot,
the beginning began stranded.
Now love lives with a sprained ankle.
Shadows are forming apart.
My soul wears the bangle,
Dangling decisions unsmart.
There’s something in this water
rattling with my bones.
I’m part of the orchestra,
but they’re colliding with my tones.
The voices of baby angels
are coming from catacombs.
In my head is a box,
This box is a habitat.
This habitat is a box,
Housing a thousand colonies.

This black soul of mine
Thou art summoned.
Death, the Harold keeper of time
Shall come to guide thee through thy sojourn
The very thought of it I bid thee fear naught;
For unto every man a mandate is given
At a certain point to undo life’s knot

Worry not.
O ye black soul.
Thy time is soon to come- listen!
Hear the keeper’s bell chime:
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock;
Its rhythm silently thunderous
Ringing loud with the melodic voices of heaven’s choir
Singing hymns to quench thy living fire

Black soul!
Death is a haven- transcendent, a pathway to heaven
Your irreplaceable potion;
The very thing that would halt your living motion.

So many words may try to cover the blemish
that you are my peace.
So many smiles may try to travel you to my heart.
I have a few questions for the sender,
Why now?
Why did your Love have to wait?
Feelings travel by air
you came with the train
hit my debris,
shattered my heart.
Emotions come as a rainbow
was it you that came after the rain?
Peace please, tease threat

I do try to understand this blood
dropping after each trapped beat.
This heart sings with its flute as my bone,
the butterflies stretch my turmoil into a moon.
I wake at the night
and pray you come with the peace.

Peace please, please piece.


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