Poetry: Dead Man,Chess.


Make the first move
A crown can’t leave a head it fits
Make the first move
The skin is the joy of the clove
As threads can make to hem bad knits.
Some pressures dig deeper than pits.
Make the first move.

Make the first move
Kill two before the queen gambits
Make the first move
Hide those words that pain will approve
Not everything knive cuts are slits
Make a fist,rape destroys the clits
Make the first move.

A two boards game.
Life after death – death’s afterlife.
A two boards game.
Titles lost, a journey’s new aim
Soldiers march with the sounding fife,
A knight at dawn will swing his knife.
A two boards game.

A two boards game
is a journey of the wildlife.
A two boards game
the wits and stunts, wins the claim.
Leave out your children and your wife.
The dead here holds the sun’s nightlife.
A two boards game.

We are a piece,
In this game of thrones- dead man’s chess
We are a piece;
played for the iron throne of bliss,
These elites will only confess,
Restructure! To ‘pilate’ this recess.
We are a piece.

We all na piece,
For dis kontri wen God too bless.
We all na piece,
‘Sense people’ dey use us spoil peace,
Like soldiers wen command dey press,
To challenge growth,turn am to mess.
We all na piece.


There goes my “check”!
There is nothing the dead can loose
There goes my “check” !
All equals shall now be on deck
To a queen that none could abuse,
Please keep your king and dine with zeus
There goes my “check”!

There goes my “check”!
Yes. no dead man can reproduce.
There goes my “check”!
Defeat you shall wear on your neck.
Your offspring’s ; pain i shall Induce
and settle in like a hair mousse
There goes my “check”!


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