Poetry: Rhythm!


Finally, self control boils down to mistresses or their counterparts,
Otherwise the thrills of this dance will leave us sooner dead.

Muhammadu thought he knew her best,
Her tastes and likes and sexy contours.

So he set to journey through,
this fair country with seductive hips.

But oh my soul
He should have known,
that men had come before he came.
The weak, the strong,
the fool, the wise.
Erect they stood until they fell,
exhausted by her lustful ways.

If only you would deal with her,
as fairly as a eunuch would,
the blind and sexy maid of his late master.

Not all that glitters is of gold,
riches and greed are in that fold.

So come with me my country men.
Let us with one another deal,
as true and honest brothers would.

In this way we sure would prove,
Our tyrants wrong, who thought they knew Nigeria and orgies best.

Her flowing hair, and swaying hips,
her glittering eyes, and killing smile.
Holds much more than what we see.

Rotten corpses, hellish nightmares, tyrannical faeces and corruption nestles deep in her beguiling trenches

Too young to run!
Too old to die!
This weary blues is for all and sundry

A K A Ka du na
A L or Mus ta pha
O ju kwu, or Buhari,
O lu se gun and myself.

Some live, some die, others pry,
deeper into her winding ways

Like ocean waves, like rolling hills
Like measured breathing and running feet
This rhythm is for those who chose to follow
without a thought of accompanying loss and sorrow.

A sweet song to sing
On the lips of the bereaved
So much grief but I will dance to this rhythm
Even if I am not sure the lyrics preach
As long as there is a rhyme
I will sing along
My feet will tap dance with the man that holds my hand
Ballerinas and gowns shall define the moment
Your arms will catch my imperfect spin

Rachel Charles
From cradle to her grace
Another’s gavel hits a face
Calumny remembers falsehood
Calvary couldn’t escape for good
Our cradle is our grave
A weak saddle won’t be brave.
Command and commandments
Amend amendments.
If this taste is cool
And lab test is school
A testes for two testicles
The contract between groin and loin tickles
Some days are hale and hearty miracles.

Swirling from the motion in my head
I twirled from hoop to post
My mind told me it was OK to strike a pose
So I cocked my head back
Let out a laugh
Hoping the feel of champagne popping
Will last the entire time that picture is read
But what are words without light
So I let on the disco ball
After all it was meant to roll
I tiptoed after it
Thinking this cannot be awkward
Who is paying attention anyway
The following morning though
I wonder which is loudest
The rhythm of my beating heart
Throbbing against my head
Or the memory of sound
Emanating from the red light lounge

Jennifer Dafwat
Once below a time
This time hates the ones upon.
Sadden face know not merriment
Cubes of strife, life’s condiments
But beats are drum’s,
Flutes are lip’s;
Let your feet succumb
To the rhythm that comes
From the harp of hope’s hum.
Forgive your toes with new steps
Hit back to dance floors.
Let your heart beat the konga,
Dance to your songs
When their music stops.

Oh my jazz in hearts
dropped into the jars in parts.
Love and darts
pointing to it charts.
Slow to begin
but fast to start.
You are an art
A fine piece of craft,
beautifully woven
like a fabric in a coven.
Years undone
to these hands I won.
I looked up to the sun
and said you’re the one.
My rhythm and blues
with dance stepping clues.
Wear off your shoes
So I sweep under your hooves.
This is my song
and yeah your curves are never wrong.
The night may be long
but my rhythm just begun.

Needless inspiration in rhythmic affiliation,
Flowing through little circuits.
Unbroken cords and life transmitting.
If the rhythm is for the soul,
Why does the soul stand firm like a sole?
And rhythm is matched with blues,
Switching in between positions.
Giving sexual satisfaction,
Lorn horns and bareback;
Engraved deeply in love with the feel.
Out of cloud nine, away from the high.
In love with the sole print carved in my soul.

Rain drops dancing on roof tops
Sun surfing the lonely sky
Hearts pounding behind a cage
Gentle breeze playing a harmonica

Moon glowing and stars smiling
Troubled seas swoosh wooshing
Planets tumbling without destination
Birds flip flopping in the balance

Man manning the vast field
Grasses whispering in rhythm
The whole galaxy, a bellowing music.


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