Poetry: Dark Nights


Dark nights are meant for sleep,
When slumber comes back home
And falls on his tired back.
When the strength of the eyes
Are defeated by ruthless snors.

Dark nights end up like this:
When creatures assemble
Chanting nights into a temple.
Cushions of goodness at stake-
The moment the dark nights awake,
Fading canopies on ending daylight –
Building territories abandoned at bright.

Dark nights are for favourite dreams
Of webs and witches,
Covens, skulls and blood.
The cries of a new born snake,
The bellowing moonlight,
A journey to death and living,
To awake no more,
Or to take by giving.

Sparkle in little explosions.
Day by day it knighted.
In promised moments the light is buried.
Heavy hearted spectator of the truth
Trying to save the world from itself.
Calmly rolled up tissues
Packaged like the entire thing but barely a piece is involved.
Amnesia, disguised as oblivion.
Printed in fabrics, tiger skinned.
Nights rolled in cycles like a period
Taking away not which it gave but which it desired.
If yes isn’t no then what does no signifies.
What’s something what’s nothing.
Answers to questions that were not asked.
Diving in similar situations to unfamiliar phases.

Mother wasn’t right
So father left

Mother sat on the fence
But only for awhile

Before she fell flat
Into the arms of Day

Actually his name was Dayo
But he always signed it as Day
Every morning when he leaves a note on the nightstand for Mama
After a night of shame

12 months, 2 weeks, 3days since they fled
At times I stare at Tata, baby, and Jojo
And realise again that neither father nor mother will come back for us

So, every night when the Landlord leaves behind the 100 Naira note
After leading me into the bathroom and lifting my skirt

I stare at the world through a window as dark as night!

Hello twilight
You’ve ridden into the arms of the moon
Without turning back
Save your soul from the shadows of the deep
Let the hunters and the hunted
Dine at the table of freedom.
Expel this darkness and shine again
Dear dark knight

Jennifer Dafwat
Dark nights are not nights without light
They are days without day
When the sun frowns
Faces wear the looks of unpaid clowns
When days are confused for forever

Father swallowed by bender
Mother vomited into hard labour
The.sun looks like the moon
Noon wears the gloom of a widowed wife
Sons suddenly old at break of dawn.
Dark nights are not nights without light.

Lights go out even while the sun is aglow
Fright loses its potency
The wake of the days of lunacy
Confusion grows taproots
And nights are confused for forever.

When sorrow flex its bones at dawn
Deep solace will awake at dusk
On heavy eye-lidded pews
Whose veins yearn for rest
As deserts does the rains.
When darkness clouds your sun
In strands of faded rise
May my light shine through your pains
Luring laughter on your sadden face.

Down this road I walk alone
Will I blame my past or carry the cast?
Situations defined my existence,
No freedom, No conscience
Now I am envious of your friends
Cos their communique with you has no end.
Your faults can’t be written on their fore
But me?
It’s a whole bitterness within.
No replies, no returns
No demands, just reprimands
Oh past!
You sent him away
My emotions now locked
The key is six feet below
I don’t even know how to love myself
Let alone, him!
This is my cross that He died on
Forever planted in my chest for a rip off
I wish you good bye or can I say bad bye?

Dark nights have just begun
This is not even an oxymoron…

Rachel Charles
On many days
I am human.
On some dark nights
I am the melancholic nurse,
the dreaming sun,
the forgotten love of family.
I am the desired path with thorns,
a lonely fabric string to weave the basket
to hold my tears,
mixed with my fears.
A nightly raindrop.
Sometimes I’m an early bird in a fixed nest.
This is my mess
On those dark nights.


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