GRANDSUN “No Fear”: You’re just another name tag abandoned after the course.


This is not a review.

GrandSun’s No Fear didn’t try to bask in his lyrical dexterity. It came with one message and one message only:  You will never be misguided if you know where you belong

The track simply asks these few questions:

Who are you?
What do you do?
Who is your crew?
What do you listen to?
If they take out the beat from your heart (your music), will you still be alive (the content be relevant)?
What have you taught the populace with your music so far?
After compromising,how much have you made? Or are you just another name tag abandoned after the course?

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For those who’d like to read or find difficulty downloading this track, find the lyrics below:



Who are you trying to impress when the minds of the crowd is fickle

Better not say it’s the people

Cos as soon as the new guy comes along

They will cut your applause with a nonchalant sickle

I did it from the heart, I did it for myself

Acknowledged conscience before my cds hit the shelves

They said my content is ridiculous

I’m deluding myself

But I refused to budge so they said suit yourself

Well I did and got myself a fantastic 3 piece

It’s the same way I take my time to clothe any release

They were looking for money I was looking for peace

Yes I found God in the belly of the beast

And the brevity of life gives wisdom

I am counting my teeth with my very own tongue

You will never be misguided if you know where you belong

And I have been writing epitaphs before I was gone


Bana Tsoron Kowa

If you like take it to heart I don’t care



Out of ignorance some people hate the hip hop culture

Trying to throw out the baby with the bath water

I don’t blame some of them cos that’s somebody’s daughter

Half naked in the videos with lyrics like gutter

Hip-hop isn’t dead you just want to bury it alive …Why?

Cos any rapper that raps some truth is gonna be wrapped in poverty

Cos you just won’t buy

Why should they try?

What’s selling is sex and how to get high

Sky scrapping egos denial and the lies

This is food for thought please take a diploma (deep loma)

Muna fama da gonan litaffi muna noma

A lots going on but nobody’s talking about it

Rapping about nothing

My delete button aint bluffing

Cos the very people that claim to love hip-hop are the ones killing it

And still claiming real in it?


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