Poetry: Being A Child


Being a child, a blissful ride
knew not a tide
Loved all called brown
Nay wore a crown

Being a child was a blessing
No foul living
Socks and shoes sow
Uniforms blow

Sang lullabies with loving hearts
Laughed when we fart
Played with brown sand
Coloured one hand

Rachel Charles
Let us travel back to the day
when tears would pay.
When through the night
They laid in fright.

Every mistake was forgiven
Love was given.
Rules stuck our lives
Beauty our wives.

It was beautiful, being a child
Life was just mild.
Those memories
like groceries.

The beginning had no worries
Careless scurries
Get on naked
Always aided

Life never seemed to you absurd
You were the bird
The one in flight
One worth the fight

So don’t forget to still be small
To give your all
And let your heart
Smile when you fart

Jennifer Dafwat
Clothed in silk of white innocence
Before distance
Dirt me with times
Peace was life’s clime.

In arms of love, cuddled by swings
I slept on wings
Feathered by care
In utmost dare.

Then was a gift, great curse is now!
Growth came with plows
Hardship is here
Manhood is fear.

Pink blue purple lace, little daze.
Memory gaze.
Sadness revolved.
Deep joy evolved.

Being accompanied with soft taps.
On daddy’s laps.
Great happiness.
Zero sadness.

Being a child, glowing in sunshine.
More wine and dine.
I’m not able.


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