Poetry: Healing and Hurts


Hurt is its own healing power
Much like a poisonous flower
Aptly blossomed from sincere care
With petals pruned off stems of fear
Whose nodes contain soothing essence;
The potion of true happiness.
Many a face smile while yet hurt
Burning hearts with flames of denial.
Given time the pretence bears fruit
Tasting of dark colored mood swings
Reflecting a mind heavy with pale thoughts-
Eyes heavy with bags of regret.
True healing acknowledges hurt,
Studies the root cause of its pains
And seek for ways to halt its growth
Not hid in the pretentious skin
Of self denial coated with smiles
Hurt is defeated just head on
Not by meandering emotions.
Learn to face the cause of your hurt.



My heart loves with its open hands,
Hugs people of all sort much like
Pa and ma of many children
Who know not the first appearance
Of a child’s cry, may be shiny
Like the sun that kisses the dawn
Of everyday, sprinkling tidings
Or gloomy like the angry cloud
Denied of birth for centuries
Her showers of blessings on earth
Or perhaps heartwarming like songs
Songs at noontime by lover birds,
Lyrics are rehab for heart aches.
Pa and ma are old otiose trees
Rootless yet embedded in twin earth
Sunny earth scorches them to death
Wet earth breathes life into their snoots
They become healed. They love again.
Like these, my heart opted to be…
Get healed when hurt, then love again.


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