Poetry: For Virgins Only


And if my blue blood would be emptied,
Let it be into the desirable one
Of Adamic lineage, not one scorned
But of quality and beauty adorned
With serenity of mind and quietness
For those whose mouths are loose like parrots
Vomit fire capable of burning
Spirit, mind, heart and eternity.
I am a newborn. I need my twin,
Not a born again who works and walks
At night tirelessly on a bouncing street
Firing sporadically at all jars.
I am edible.  I am not ripe for death
Whose jaws are a lion’s; double trouble
Where even the gods dare not stare.
If you go out there as bridal scout
Look out for newbies, not tasted
Yet warm in quality; a bang up.
I’m out! Until I find one, I won’t veer
For I’m reserved for virgins only



If thou art a virgin reading this
A thousand and one blessings unto thee
Being as it is, that it’s no small feat
Remaining one such, in this time and age
When abnormal is becoming normal.
The times are fading whence purity reigned
With truth, guarding men to morality.
Celibacy is losing revered stance
Whilst promiscuity is now gaining grounds.
These days the norm is gradually changing
To realize this requires no great stretch
Look around and you’d see that which I say
Sex is no longer a yardstick for measure
A female virgin is one yet pregnant
And her male counterpart goes unnoticed.
If you are a virgin still reading this
A thousand and one blessings once more
Keep up the good work,for you shall know bliss
Persevere to keep safe that treasured core.
Shey you know say our reward dey heaven.


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