Poetry: Your Mind Is Listening


When cowardice were the fleas on my Virgin hair, i told myself foolish truths
My being acted out scenes of my thoughts, an evasive power

Till i mused at these patterns
I sensed doors
Which is an ear
Also an obedient soldier

Eavesdropping on my most sacred reflections
Carrying out orders i swore i never gave
It believed anything i believed of myself
Times i accepted i was fidgety

It controlled me towards my belief
It was the puppeteer
I was the puppet
Believe became agony

Till i mused at these patterns
I sense i am principal
To dictate what wanders through those doors, what is heard…

Omolola Onigbinde


To the rain of lies that drop from your lips,
To the sweet resemblance of doubt you faith in me
To the slippery curse inked by your fingertips
To the negative spark your mind allows for free.

To certain days when you block my way
To the stack of stale lumps growing in your chest
To the sun-path you claimed in a shaded ray
To the negative spark that made you its best.

To the missing line in your eyes
To that cloud you hid the rain through to pour
To what metal you didn’t let me be because of your core
To that coldness on your smile, the one as ice.

Your mind has fed from what mortals feed
it has become a marrow of hate and their deeds.
Your heart is a growing mess of dark seeds
It will become an anaphora of a lost creed.

Give it a wet smile. Hope exists for the damned
It’s been in the word buried in the world
entwined in light, it’s ying and yang
Where hate is brewed, love is the barm
Except you don’t drink but die like fire.

Let light pass through your cloud
and announce a befitting judgement.
Your mind is listening to what your heart always says.



I craved to be with you
So deeply I swept my view
I fantasized on every part of you
In return you saw me as a Jew

When I bought your gift
I wanted a scream from the ground to the fifth
I played the guitar with blisters
Yet the strings resounded bliss

Why were you my treasure in liquid dirt?
Every temptation I endured
You even rode on my fore
I saw your ex in excruciating pain.

So I ran in pretence
To rip her conscience
She was nothing but an experimental science
My own fiction

Now you are mine
Want to root you down like the vine
Set you apart from family ties
Sell you some innocent lies
Rachel Charles

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