Poetry: Facing My Demons!

Roaming like air invisibly yes I
Know,I will face all an eye for an eye.
Installed in my bad habit,
With my strength I can’t face it.
Will mime the supreme way of saying bye.

My demons,yes my demons are all mine.
Sometimes I count starting from ninety nine.
Sometimes a hundred and one
I will face all with a pun.
Never to worry I sure will be fine.




The beauty a true word gives is living
No matter the sword that pierces the King
His heart will thank the brave queen
Whether black, red, white or green
He would have lost the mighty solemn ring

If little wisdom didn’t fly on wings
Solomon would bow and judge as foul sings
Ripped apart by female gene
Shoulders lie, no where to lean
Truth is white pain with butterflies and wings

Rachel Charles


They came on two feet with a lip and hug
Bearing good tidings that smell all shades smug
I face them one eye close
Hoping to save my hair and nose
With no foot left still I must face the tug

To my advantage, I turn off the light
Hoping darkness helps reduce awkward plight
But never was there such ties
As the one my neck lies
It’s not my time but this drums die tonight

Jennifer Dafwat


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