Bangwan Nuhu Usman: Dear Future Wife…

Dear future wife,
How is your love life?
Strolling down the street of my thought,I took a U-turn to your junction
Because most times your thoughts come with veils of questions.

Dear future wife,
I can’t imagine how comfort massages you in another man’s arms.
How your words lay bricks,building a future you will never use.
How relaxed your feelings walk through the valley of the shadow of heartbreak.
How caring is your care? How loving is your love?
How old is your age now? How old will it be before I meet you?
Sometimes I wish I could tell you he isn’t the right one for you.
But here I am also battling with someone like you.
For how long we will keep mixing our emotions with wrong ingredients?
Producing results of anger,tears,heartaches and pains?
These questions on the screen of my heart I see as stains.
Until reality hailed.

Dear future wife,
If you can hear me, let’s accept reality and stop washing our brains.
Let’s make hay while the sun is still awake.


Bangwan Nuhu Usman Is from Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State. He’s a writer/poet/entrepreneur.
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