Poetry: Sand In The Shoe

The shore was asked what it was living for
Was it love for the sea or was there more:
The touch of water lillies
Or caress from the sun’s seas?
Is this why it remained ashore for sure?

The water is friend and enemy too
It has displaced the siblings of a few.
Now memory cuts the tongue
And pain competes all night long
To empty the sand grains in the shore’s shoe.



If you were in mine shoe,you will be sand.
Cause you won’t and will never understand,
The mystery behind my joy.
From afar you see a boy
But behind this boy’s joy is a man’s brand.

If you were(wear)in my shoe,you will look Good.
But your comfort will be sleeping on wood.
If you wear a doubt try me
And see what your doubt will be.
If you wear your shoe,your sand will turn food.



Trapped in the dark corners of my shadow
I want to run without a place to go
The past and now seem the same
Confused if I’m straight or lame
What is that I ache from, I still don’t know

Can’t run nor walk, is my option just sleep
Time dictates the pace I strive but can’t keep
Haste bites with a cruel sting
Like the virus of a fling
This desert drowns like a sea that is deep


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