Poetry: Ex Please Sit (Explicit).


These words express the nudity of truth.
How raw,lies are being swallowed ignorantly.
How clear,eyes are closed to see the wrongs.
How pure lies are stained with hypocrisy.
How tattered the skin of evil is,when undressed.
How realistic,wickedness has become the best investment.
How uncooked rumors are being served.
How dirty the truth of leaders have turned.
How unkempt the rooms of respect has become.
How irritating the beauty of religion looks.
How painful,clear words are now blurring in books.
How fast,ears throw up parental advice
How uneasy it is to find people with heart of love.



It started with a cum entry (commentary)
Attraction was not the magnet
It was the bite that nibbled to nubbins
Straps falling off like forgotten feelings
The loudest kind of noise was the whisper
You told to sheets when slits made for better entrances.
Your prints are still bold on that wall
The night you wore them heels to make you tall
You bent, you stretched,you knelt , you stood.
I rode, i drove, you watched me good.
I picked,you pinned, we steamed and creamed
Until our flowers lost their greens.
I watched,you tailed and tailed and shaked it
But what came had gone when you faked it.
The amount of interest i lost
Made me leave you a loan (alone).



Which one of you is it?
I don’t remember now
Is it the lump or the dick?
It’s been two lives, wow!
My alphabets are missing an Ex
That’s not to say I have regrets
You or You, whichever one it Is,
I’m happy to miss…
To miscalculate a mishap
To decapsulate a Mister
You were just a blister
Pregnant today and empty tomorrow
A spot on my skin was all you borrowed
Because instead of leaving a hollow
You left a room for bone marrow
Your sex was the best;
The Ex I detest…
Bending over forward
A welcomed reward
Ex! Why you eFFd
I still can’t C
Because even now, like a mirror
You are to me what I am to you
A missing Alpha- bet you miss me…


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