Poetry: Anomaly.

Rule in a common voice called on obedience.
Disobedience in a respectful voice responded.
In no time his presence in shoes of loyalty appeared.
Offering a face of smile he didn’t get back.

Obedience after murmuring later answered,
Reluctantly showing his frowned face
Which got a huge box of smile in a pack.
What the heavens am I doing here? He asked in a voice all feared.



In truth, life lies
In life, truth dies
Roses are infested by flies
Grounds are home for the skies

Travel in a state
Motionless detailed slate
Faith determines your fate
Kate is my virgin-mate



I am not in love with poems
Buy my irony and swiftly sip
I hate words like Heart
Feel my envy on this wall of art

I am not in love with a poet
The rhymes are silent sestets
Like Shakespeare, I will shake and spear
Every smile at the sound of poems

Rachel Charles


In science searching signs.
In theory searching myths.
In school searching knowledge.
In religion searching truth.

Religious truth replaced with disbelieve.
School knowledge replaced with dumb thoughts.
Myths replaced with factual truths.
Signs replaced with an omen.



Smile more often,
Blush softly, hearts it softens,
A little more makeup beautifies,
Tightly fitted clothes, divine figure it defines.

Face with no makeup on,
Smiles reserved for her Mahram alone,
Her aura she must cover,
Defying the norm to please her Maker.

Hijab Gurl.



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