Poetry: A Cup of Sunlight.

cup of sunlight

Aunt Nissi called him names

said he was her heaven, her paradise and life
It was many years when momma was no longer alive
Before I learnt his real name was James

She said he promised her
Never to be bitter
three square meals, a fluffy bed
And soothing music from his guitar
his guitar from a brother in Venice
Nightly walks and vanities from lands afar
All these and more he promised her

Strange how in the space between blinks
Amorous love can turn to bitterest hate
many days passed Nissi waited in anxious state
For ‘heaven’ and his promised winks

How her heart grew cold
In that December’s hold
Not a word, not a bite not a drink
like the shadows in Stephen’s tale
Nissi grew ghastly pale

Not an hour escaped the prayers
Momma and I so readily offered
That Nissi again would regain her powers
And with thoughts of ‘Paradise’ not be bothered

It was one bleak stormy evening
when our prayers we said unbelieving
For Nissi had become bedridden and ghostly in form
And with every tug of wind parted with wools of hair
On this chilly eve, out of the storm
Agnes came, and with names of dead saints she swore
She had seen Heaven at Kaura close, in the ancient city
Begging for bread and a cup of water
At the mention of ‘Heaven’ Nissi became chatty
and gibberish from her pale tongue tore

The next morning while we set the table
We discovered Momma’s silver cup missing
In truth Agnes was stable and rebuked Momma’s accusing

Up the stairs Momma hurried
her arthritic knees squeaking
I prayed and watched worried
as Momma tumbled down the stairs groaning

She died where she lay
Pity, it was a bright December day.
I flew upstairs and out of my worn out jumper
took out Momma’s cup made of silver
Pressed it to Nissi’s hands
‘go find your Paradise’ I cried
I hear he needs a drink and something to bite

She held me close and a light shone from her eyes
It filled my soul
and the silver cup I stole

Haggard and ghostly
With strength not of this galaxy
My sister fled downstairs
She did not notice the dead
Nor Agnes and her tears
She did not see the barren hills beyond
Nor sauntering anxious faces by old age burned

I watched her fly North towards the heavens, to the ancient city
She stooped once by the stream
To fill her cup with clear sunlight dancing on the waters



Buffering down streaming waves
Clasped within her bosom sheaves
Lay a treasure; dark
On seeing, her eyes popped with a spark
For she taught she had lost another gem
Alas it locked all along within her hem

Jennifer Dafwat


Darkness can envelope
Because she gives you room to elope
Darkness lets you hide
A comforting company at your side
Darkness can suck you in
Only if you let it and give in
Darkness can be mean
A kill joy it may seem
Darkness needs you to be dark
Because you are a spark
Use darkness as a wand
Command the feelings that you want
Diamonds can be dark
But they glitter too, just like you…
My cup full of sunlight.



The weather today feels calm,
Cold and dull
My skin thirst for sun.
My inner self expose to new born air.
I need a cup of sunlight.



Burn me up and shine through my dark scarlet soul.


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