Poetry: To Heal A Heart

Rinse your words with thoughts.
Wipe them with wisdom,
Melt and pour all into the mouth
Of a ill heart like syrup.

Let it trek down the road of healing
To settle in between the cracks of the heart
That broke out salty liquid
From a squeezed face.

Dry up those tears,
From outside and within the pain it wears.
Give it a shade not to see it fears
Instead to see the words of medical care.



Cast away heavy headed crown.
Wash away one upon a pain.
Pause to play.
Forward to play back.

Palm Springs in a town.
Strike once more, wit the wolf’s bane.
If it was first, then it’ll be may day.
Make over and cover those broken lips with a mac.

Look further, not down.
Untie the broken chain.
A captive to what they say.
Be graceful and take that bite a day at a time.


Fluffy clouds hugging, kisses like honey pouring
these and more could heal a lovers heart
but a welcomed caution is sweeter than healing
Guarded treasures than the pain of recovery

So pretty one, do not come near
Fall on your knees worship your fear
Hissing sounds in the undergrowth
Tell of rattle snakes, the colour of earth

Into the evil forest, past the river of bones
Heedless children, Adamma and Kabiru
Over and over again they stole to do
Deeds that brought our village woes


To heal the heart
The mind must treat itself
Asking soul questions
Petting the heart to deep rest

To heal the heart
The immaterial man vigils,
Prays for the material man
No prey must consume the tripartite

To heal the heart
A mighty warrior must conquer
Reckless thoughts and visions
Least they turn the heart godless

Omolola Onigbinde


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