Poetry: If I Were Still A Baby

If I were to still be a little boy
I would have a spirit that is not coy
My face will always show the glee
That fills my innocence, free of fee.

I would play the chase and flea
With my friends who share the joy
Of running this kind of childish ploy
Till sunset’s whistle offs the spree

I would pain my parents to no degree
If their pocket fails to buy me toy
Or cook breakfast of bread and tea
I’ll quietly feed on kunu and moi-moi.



If i were still a baby
I would still be lazy
My tiny feet will play happy
And still wear my tattered nappy

If i were still a baby
My wild thoughts will still be hazy
I will laugh my best while i can
dance in the rain and sun to tan

If i were still a baby
All my friends will be crazy
Since we hope never to grow old
Until the world ceases to be cold


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