Poetry: Dried Up River

river dry

Host of waters.
A caring friend of our daughters.
Mirror of the sky.
Today you’ve gone dry
Leaving bones of your walls.
Now thirst calls.
Throats swallowing pride.
The sky’s makeup wrongly applied.
Your presence like a good wife was life
Now you slay like a knife.
Your use, is less full
You can’t boast of a spoonful.
Dirt and thirst now rock our homes
And dryness observing us like S. Holmes.



River flow.
Passing uneasy, shinny you glow.
Pieces of sand.
Falling like grains from a band.
Unsolved equation.
Shake off the earth in evacuation.
In moments reminiscing.
Flowing not.
Stacked up in a lot.
Consumed in fire.
Making the earth it’s liar.
Pulled up suspenders.
One more and we are the earth benders.



Teacher, please teach me.
There’s something about the Sea
And her blue evenings-
Somewhere where aqua springs.

Teacher, please believe this
Achelous and Greece confirms this;
A dried river is no god.
Moses is no use to a godless rod.

Teacher there is thirst and drowning
Drought and frowning
The tongue confesses and the throat agrees
Dews must come in the planting of trees

When land settles
In the stead where water should befriend kettles.



Desert, that’s me,
Dry,nothing to see,
A barren land,
Time slips from hand,
Just when I thought it in grip,
It’s all gone, painful and deep.
Once an orchard full of life,
Everything life was cut with a knife.
Once feelings flowing free,
All became lost one, two, three,
Where love basked,
Drought now engulfed,

Then water gushed like a spring,
Now i await rain hope to bring.

Hijab Gurl


Of all wonders I insist
no such miracle exist
A dried up river?
Would sure make the soul of nature quiver

Look a little harder
travel just a bit further
Rivers, where ever they’re found
Are magically, faithfully bound
To their name
Poets too, you’ll find the same

If you must tell me of a fairyland
Extinct my Unicorn as planned
Dryness, and rivers have a twin
The like of which no one has ever seen



The sun used to shine here
The rain used ti wash away our tear
But all that is lost to the night
To the last ray of day light

Our ribs once cracked with laughter
The moon glowed brighter with us together
But now this house has a roof of sadness
Our make up is now all but happiness

We used to cry rivers of joy
Now we cry without blinking like a toy
The confluence has stopped its supply
The river now runs dry
Now the sea bed wears a weary wry

Pale from drought, drained from pain
Our river’s drained, when will it rain again


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