Poetry: At The Train Station

Dear lone soul, back peddle a bit.
Dear gripless mind, let your heart do the beat.
This tickets are for your dying day.
As craving as it may
There goes the last train’s horn.
Pierce a little bit more, roses thorn.
Yet again at this point, life’s on a ride.
In a wedding dress as a bride.
Match the train’s brakes.
A one way ticket, gone mind, take short breaks.
Promises made, not to be kept.
Lustful eyes watching me while I slept.

One way ticket for two.
Blood dripping from my sleeves, tick tick, one two.



Standing at the frontage.
Surrounded by luggage.
Tired of waiting
Chanting and grating.
Exposing their pain
Hands cling to tickets with no train.
Sellers hawking.
Buyers talking,
Calling and buying.
Children playing,falling and crying.
The day is almost done
And the train isn’t still gone
Now I smell trouble
The station might turn into a rubble.



Thin, brave, colored and witty
A country song playing from the city
About trucks, boots, guitars and looks
About broken hearts stolen by crooks.
Aged like September 4 in L.A
With lips as thick as clay
Paper-thin eyes
Enough to hypnotize
Voice like monsoon
Enough to drop you in a swoon
Cologne like oxygen
A taste of breath so clean

An uncontrolled thrill of sensation
Was the way love looked, at the train station



Trains and Stations
Words of opposite notions
Speed and balance
Combines a confusing ambiance
Occupied by a mass
Some people stay, most people pass
When a train is stationed
It loads only the ones positioned
In a train station,
The unintended feel is confusion
Trains are loaded with purpose
Stationed in minds like sparrows
A tree branch full of strength
Moving to the rhythm of intent




Back at this old train station again
The bench here still has your buttocks’ stain
The air here still wears the words you said
The ground of our separation was laid

I hear the honk in the distant
The memories flood in in an instant
Lovers scampering to board this train
I can see their impending pain

I wasn’t supposed to be goodbye goodbye
Yet the date’s date came but sadly went by
This station was to be the rendezvous
I’ve been here countlessly, still can’t find you

Was it something I said or did wrong?
This train station has become my sad song



Lost in a train of thoughts.
Eyes once flooded now in drought.
Love once revered,
Now pain severed.
As I sat under our favorite tree,
All I felt but free.
Your scent still lingered, stuck.
Our names engraved on the trunk.

Loud train honks, floods of emotions,
As I wait your return at several train stations.

Hijab Gurl


You said you will come today
That you come is all I pray
But the train station is deserted
The war is on unabated
I wonder where I will wait for you
Is there a place where lovers queue?
This bloody city, this rampaging war
Threatens to break the promise you swore
Will you come will you not
Now that blood and tears is our lot?
This city to whom you must come again
I will keep my oath, come sun or rain!
today, you promised to come
I wait for you, I will weather the storm!


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