Poetry: This Generation

1.The sun is yet to see this awe
2.That our generation holds within

1a.The sun is yet to see our awe
2b.That this generation holds within

1. Nature watches with a keen eye
2. And cosmic glass of rainbow shades

1a. Nature watches with a keen glass
2b. And cosmic eye of rainbow shades.



1. Home of our fathers
2. Symbol of our promise
1a.Symbol of our fathers
2a.Home of our promise
1. The birthright of this generation
2. Forfeited for foolishness of civilization
1a.Forfeited for foolishness of this generation
2a.The birthright of civilization



1. For dis we generation life too cheap
2. Blood is the price of hatred

1a. For dis we generation hatred too cheap
2b. Blood is the price of life

1. We sense of worship nor follow
2. Is religion not our problem?
1a. Worship sense nor follow religion
2b. ‘We’ is not our problem


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