Poetry: Giving (Charity)


Giving is a cloak of blessing we wear.
Taking is an act of giving some fear.
Do not ask me to give out and not take
For it takes taking to bless a giver’s cake.
Life is a circle we all walk around
In this trek some get lost and others found.
Some with covered shoes, others with barefoot.
Many try to find cover,while few shoot.
Seeing the rich doesn’t feed the needy
For the wealthy are mostly the greedy
Viewing life from a distance with no grave.
Giving isn’t for all but for the brave.
Who don’t only give by stretching forth hands
But mending broken hearts with rubber bands.



Cast your bread upon the hungry
Sprinkling it with a bit of honey
Share your light and not your dark
Carve a niche and leave a mark
Don’t begat grudge in your heart
This act itself is a gifted craft
Designed to paint a pretty smile
It takes a lot to go that extra mile
Rainy days are good for sowing
When drought leaves little for ploughing
You only get an opportunity once
Don’t waste even even an ounce

Open hands will always receive
While closed will only perceive.



Sometimes it takes more than a hand to give
As it takes more than breathing to live
It’s a jungle of needy faces
It seems we are all charity cases

Deluge of needs without means to mop
Another set threatening to crop
The life is an endless quicksand
We all can use a hand

We all have our own need
The genuine and those driven by greed
Some need a hand, others an ear
Others, a candle to frighten there fear

Give like a tree sheds its leafs in Autumn
Don’t hold back self or wealth, give in quantum



Arms and thanksgiving
Another way to pray
A little debt to pay
A bolt and a nut
A forgiven scut
A light in the dark
An integer, a quark
A beggar’s friend
Hesitating not in the end.
A pauper’s story
A starving allegory

A body of hands
A nerve supporting glands



This art called giving
It wears you a living
Strip you of black burdens
Bids byes to tides and burdens
The days of sowing white seeds
Thirst and pangs will tempt thy feeds
The days of reaping green fruits
Men will gossip your fine loots
Giving is life beyond fears tent
Giving is not a commandment
Wear not your worries
Sow out your stories

Tailor your choices
Giving favours few voices

Rachel Charles


Given that
Your heart
Is a home,
Would you build me a home?
Would you set the table?
Would your deeds fill a stable?
Do you think I can live
By everything that you give?
Would you hold back
Your lover’s starter pack?

Would you keep me still
Or would you let me spill ?


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  • Peter Excel

    April 18, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Nice poetry… Could feel the flow and the use of words. Thanks for passing out this great message in this piece of poetry. God bless the writers world, and may God inspire you all.


    • leon

      April 18, 2017 at 12:45 pm

      Thank you,Peter


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