Poetry: All The Way!


Okay. What do we try to find?
Cross coupled sequential logic.
Introduce a clouded free mind.
Lesser feels, needs paramedic.

This way seems to be all we bind.
Moving faster yet still static.
All the way, yet the way’s unkind.
Unfold, the Misery’s tragic.



Dear queen that i will always know
Follow your heart, let feelings grow
Stand up to pressure toe to toe
And to success you’ll never owe

Dance that dance,slide slow under me
Reveal your lock, i’ll be the key
To open up,to taste and see
I will make you my cup of tea.



It is a walk of not a day
Full of trials though with good pay
came,saw,conquered. What can I say?
It has been his grace. No disgrace.

Life is a dead road For many
Invest full time,get half penny
Life is death.  Isn’t that funny?
Seek his face and you will find grace.



Trials and struggles may define
Wrinkles would have smudged some pages
On your face of a million stages
Hurdles to climb is not fine wine

All the way, give your soul belief
Speak like faithful Fate of relief
Easy to say, hard to not please
Live under the bridge, grace a lease.

Rachel Charles


I’m a seed from a broken home
Trembled beneath the feet of some
gods my fathers ate their vines
With lustful tongues that cracked their spines.

Chains with locks befriend my ankles
Who on earth can bail these shackles?
Lost in lust, my spirit is sway
Blood for love He paid all the way.


Streams all the way spring no good
You must take a detour or else
find yourself in a grim wood
Of mushrooms and wells of madness

One little girl went that far
no one again heard of her twin
Two returned many years after
Broken pots, skin pores of sin



Why travel half a mile only
To unravel just half myself?
Why hold back the waters solely
To remain knocking on my shelf?

Sown seeds burst forth at break of dawn
Its flowers mockingly at ease
My heart merely a foolish pawn
Soft spots will always bear the tease.



Would you go
All the way with me?
Will you still glow
If darkness is all you see?

I will go
All the way with you
My feelings will show
When darkness is one with you


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