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Gone with the wind
Another morning with a Shattered dream
Pain’s my best friend, little wonder I scream
visibly torn, a reflection of the turbulence therein

A purple morning it is, but I see no hibiscus
You may be thick,I still feel no viscous
You, me, our future, and our world, that should have been pretty much us

Just because you’re yellow, doesn’t make u the sun
You’ve broken me up in two halves, how can I even run
In my heart will lie all the good times and fun.
Against my temple, I feel the cold barrel of a suicidal gun

Arrrrrgggggh, I scream out my lungs!!!
Arrrrrgggggh, again, to my face stares my multiple wrongs.
What message would I possibly leave for the young ones
When eventually I’m gone

One of the things I don’t wanna be
Is another negative trending story
That type we all see on Linda Ikeji

I’d rather be that Phoenix
gathering my ashes scattered all over the floor
Time, distance and space would bring my iced heart to thaw
And I’ll go back to being #yourdjnextdoor…

Emmanuel Udo Ibiok is popularly known as "Eskaphine".
He is a Jos-based DJ, farmer and entrepreneur who writes every once in a while.
He is a lover of the arts.



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One comment

  • Chinwe ozoji

    April 1, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    This is a beautiful piece. Very deep. I like. Kudoz Eska.


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