Poetry: Encore


Yesterday was just hue
Today the sky is blue
My voice will speak of you
Be you Gentile or Jew
Days of the old and new
The song of truth is few
Scattered when the wind blew
And shook hands with Bird flu
This is my point of view
Put yourself in my shoe
Think well and get a clue
You will know it is true
That when this piece is due
You will queue for round two.

I have been on the run.
Well, not to kill the fun.
To take another one
Will be pulling a gun.
First the heat from the sun,
The canopies were done.
Though her eye bags moved on
Her body just begun
Like a perfect ex con
Whose jail term stripes were won
And an “unordained” nun
Teaching with the words spun.
She kept leading me on
One, four, three and then one.

Break it to them softly,
Break it repeatedly.
Speak truth regularly,
Like drops relentlessly
Eking rock tirelessly,
Cut stone effortlessly,
Rising so quietly,
Standing obtrusively,
Noiseless eternity,
For all to dodge or see.
One step, one bended knee,
You see eventually
Truth is not bound. It’s free.
It is its master key.

Please come to us again
We would love to retain
Verse, lines, love-gone-sour stain
on old sheets, sheets so plain

Please come, tell, sing, refrain
Tales of her hate for rain

Rain memories of pain
On hearts, souls that lie slain
Our hearts, of black blood drain
With sagas of sweet Jane

How she died, died again
And came back as Elaine
Let us chew like sweet cane
Songs, as we speed your train!


The stage, crowd, jokers jest.
Lift up what’s on that chest.
Equivalently less.
Past the masters self test.
Playing Black Jack with Jess.
A round of applause, zest.
A performance process.
Fire and ice in essence.
Light up your smile less sense.
Different kinda mess.
A lie called a recess
Your joke in this intense.
Make believe , wear this dress
A great performance, chess.
Feeding soul, prey and pest.

Hate my tweet yet follow
The truth laid in this row
For sweeter is truth? No!
But deception kill slow.
I’ll speak of what I know
You can call me a foe
For people will come; go
These sands will remain so
To tell of those that owe
Those that used greed and sew
Those that say black as snow
Those that kill more for though.
Call me again next show.
Words are spears, watch me throw.


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