Poetry: Don’t doubt your doubt !


Call uncertainty

To take heed of this story
Of the eyes and heart

Deuce that knew no doubt
One sees and tells the other
the other then trust

Trusted his doubt’s doubt
With no eyes he saw right paths
His faith gave him sight.

This is my belief:
Cattle feed finer from grass
And they one day die.

But here’s a relief:
Stones will never talk of death
As they’d energy.

So the end in brief:
Our minds are meant to meddle,
Is the soul free to?

I open my mind
To whispers of unbelief
For my faith is weak

Locked behind bars and
Enslaved by that which I fear
I’m a prisoner

Free only in doubt
For there’s no me without him;
I choose to be here.

The real ones do fear.
A reasonable default.
Lenses past vision.

Being wrong so right.
Marbles glowing past shadows.
Reference data.

Intuition followed.
Worth the fight, get over it.
Just now taking sides.


“Heard a second voice.
It questioned my first leaning.”
“That explains it all.

You shouldn’t listen.
Second guessing is life’s bane
Adventure’s and fun’s.”

“Have it as you may.
I will take seconds and thirds.
Foresight says you should.”

You can choose to doubt
Or you can choose not to doubt
You choose, not to doubt

You may be doubtful
Heart full of a fearful doubt
You choose, not to doubt

The wrong vehicle
To convey all your dreams in
Would be the doubtful


If we all dread not,
Stars be our climbing steps to
Heavenly places

But fear we let dim
Our path, doubt blur our vision.
Let courage ensue.

Doubt ever a foe-
Let Ifs and buts be murdered,
And faith be birthed.

Hijab Gurl

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