I miss you, everyday
But not to be vague
I missed you yesterday at eight
Dinner was served
I felt like I had ate
6am this morning
Your name came calling
In my head were echoes of two of my favourite letters..
B and E… combined
Be.. You B are Bae, my babe
7:45, the sunlight reminded me of your radiant smile.
The skies, beautiful as your eyes when they light up with delight from setting your eyes on me.
My warm heart goes cold as the sun sets at 6:45 but I can’t miss the similar bliss I see in your twin slits when they slowly shine bright like the moon at 3 in the morning.
You are beautiful, in different dimensions.
You blow hot and cold.
You are a different shade of bold.
Gold, like a treasure untold.
You are the most beautiful piece I ever wrote.
I envision us in our home
The school bus blaring it’s horn. And our priceless little ones jumping off screaming; “mummy we’re home”.
This is my beautiful dream with you in it.
I as a beautiful queen
To a King indeed
You are my simple song
We can never go wrong
But now my love, I miss you and I miss home.



© Oluwadamilola Agboola | 2014


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