Yesterday, today and tomorrow is a web of question marks?
Actions and inactions piled into small stacks
Some eaten by weevils
Others bedeviled by human devils
Thus the questions keep piling
All defying efforts at answering

All the scars of today
Are a factor of wounds inflicted by yesterday
All the crutches dreams bear today
Are a function of the fatalities of yesterday
Yet the womb of the earth has bourn us with forbearance

Should tomorrow bear the same fate?
Should today swallow whole the golden bait?
To realise when it’s a bit too late?
Who keeps the Doomsday’s gate?
We need the shackles of conscience to keep it sealed

Bind the fractures of yesterday
Mow the lawn of today
And tomorrow may wake with that feeling of yay. Tee2emm
I have read severally that we we have only three days (yesterday, today and tomorrow). They are like three brothers but one have die for the other to live. Though they have different names, they are somewhat identical (only if you choose to make them). Each come with it’s opportunities, challenges, potentials and pitfalls, what really matters is how prepared we are to harness the bounties each day brings forth. Yesterday is gone with all its miseries, disappointments and ill lucks only its glories and achievements will be remembered which may also be forgotten tomorrow if not built upon.

Today comes with a lot of hope and opportunities to make up for what was lost yesterday instead of wallowing in self pity and giving in to defeat. “…True failure is not trying at all…”

Our ability to nurture the seeds planted today is almost dependent on our harvest tomorrow. Tomorrow is furnished with uncertainty which may either make or break us.
Yesterday is gone, today to s here and tomorrow yet to come.

Our life is the result of the decisions we make both consciously and subconsciously, also our deeds and misdeeds in totality that defines us.
(Wealthy, successful, healthy, an intellectual or otherwise.)-Hijab Gurl.

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