Giver of life, maker of war!
I wish, I pray daily that you do not run out of life!

What can I say, the victories you’ve won, the tragedies you yet confront.
Ozovehe calls you Hero!

Ohiani left in search of gold! I pray he sends word, let us know he’s not turned cold!

You laughed, when the prince from Otukpo came to steal you away.

Me… me…

We journeyed from where twin rivers mate.
The contours of the Sahara
Bear the prints of our restive feet
Now, upon the shoulders of the Plateau, we worship new gods.

But not for long…
the winds have come again
this tribe of priests must continue the Odyssey!– OracLe
Similar shapes and different faces
All remarkable in a million places
Bound and unbounded by blood
The love in their arks an overflowing flood

See, my father’s plan
Was to raise a perfect clan
But he didn’t know there’s beauty in disarray
The reason we all have different birthdays

Our family was large, too many people
I wanted out, from under their steeple
But with each step i miss them more
What the hell am i leaving for?-Vera
The distance between ‘i love you to the moon’
Is farther than getting back.
Our bond was like the afternoon
Hot, but could burn down the dark

We told tales of love, of life and of living
We wore songs, ate notes with meaning
Around us the merry cycle tours
And the gift was ours, mine and yours.

A familiar playing field
With players pitching
Shots vulnerable, souls free willed
Scores careless, random and beseeching.

Like a particular novel story
Where the plot succeeds the title
And the end rejects the glory
For the sake of its idol.

Like a handshake
That signals temperature
To clear the fields
Or to plant them seeds.

Like a new bride
Who ‘merries’ into the night’s pain
To welcome the blows from the morning gifts
With a face to face the face like Janus.

The distance between ‘i love you to the moon’
Is farther than getting back.
Our bond was like the afternoon
Hot, but could burn down the dark- Leon
A relentless mother
A pushing father
An Over loving sister
A true brother
Then in this pursuit, I, an undeserving child. Hypermind
We were thought in social studies that the family is the basic unit of every and any nation. Then it sounded absurd how just a man and woman or women (in polygamy) can form a society talk more of a nation.

Now it all makes sense, having elder siblings making me a proud aunt with so many nieces and nephews, cousins giving me more cousins, I get to connect the dots.

You see my grandparents to my parents were all from the same ethnic group, but my siblings and cousins decided to not just think “out of the box” but cross boundaries and bridges to promote the national slogan “unity in diversity”.

Originally Ebira from Kogi State but now have relatives from Plateau, Cross River, Oyo, Imo, even Spain and France, awesome right!. Maybe I should marry a Korean to balance the equation.

If you claim your family is crazy, you haven’t met mine. But my love for them knows no bounds. With our bipolar personalities, we still make sure we show up for each other.

Disagreements are certain,(disagree to agree) arguments are our entertainment, though we may not be under the same roof, we still stand strong having each other’s back.
Long live the Idris Bellos’. – Hijab Gurl
The hand that scolds my messy acts
Whose face of right,sometimes looks wrong
whose shoulders i cry on
Whose truths dresses in nakedness
The only part of me i can’t run from

My first landlord
The one who never asked for rent
The best eatery ever
The one am always lucky to be paid for.-Bangwan.

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