Tribal War!


Once upon a time in the land of a little while, two pillars stood between the Grebs and the Tragrebs. Fire burned through the heart of the pile of their truce pages. Their maidens were raped, murdered and cremated. Their husbands buried with life to resurrect in the after life. Their sons were taken and built into soldiers. Farms were watered in blood to produce red crops to feed the vultures. The sunlight suffered the heat before setting to pray for reprieve. The rain hid the tears of the innocent ones until they wore the color of midnight.

The Tragrebs had lost their king and the Grebs were used as sacrifice to accompany his sleep to dreamland. The law was never meant for the faithfuls. Once upon a time in the land of a little while, the pillars of truce between the Grebs and the Tragrebs that stood for something, fell for nothing. – Leon
Sarabi has always known love and defined it to be a tall butterfly with so many colors, it would tickle her when she thought of it as she believed it existed somewhere in her world. She wrote songs about this and sometimes heard her heart play the drum too.

We knew stories of love, we read them even louder. Some were sung as legends and others, well the moon knew those tales more. It was no secret Sarabi was in love with the tall dark Rafiki whose name tickles her, not because he was only just a poet and a musician but he played the drums too. We knew it wouldn’t work between them because Sarabi was a hippopotamus and Rafiki was a Giraffe. – Rudolph
Jasmine learnt the hard way never to trust the people of the other town. They shared everything and were alike in so many ways, that their likeness became the cause of the warfare, leaving a delicate cast of what they called family. The same things that brought them together took them apart.

When she met Atish, it was a dream come true. He was her better half, he completed her, there was no way she could survive another day without him. Unknown to her, he was from the rival tribe. She loathed but let him go as she feared the wrath of her kinsmen if they ever found out she was involved with an enemy.-Hijab Gurl

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