The African Masquerade


Masked, are you human or their guts rule you?
You lash out at men and the women run
What spurs your emotion?their rather strange
You dance as the leaves romanced by the wind

Masked and mysterious, spirit of the gods
Shagged in disguise, what lays beneath the straws?
Tireless as the wind, darting here and there
You roar in shaded tongues, steward of gods

Masked, pity you can’t talk nor walk as men
You appear at harvest, servants of gods
Where was your abode when drought was abode?
I long to dig your depths but you are masked!-Omolola
Egungun! Are you the face of the gods?
The one morning warns to favour our odds?
I perceive your old smell as you undress
Behind leaves, tall trees as your stride progress.

Egungun! Into the earth your dance sinks.
The faceless god whose bright eyes never blinks
Cousins to Mmanwu! Ojionu! Ekpo!
Remains of our ancestors who we owe.

Egungun! Into the night, slay the lambs
Let the roots drink from the blood of dead rams
The drums stopped talking at noon, night now sleeps.
Tomorrow’s dance, today keeps! Egungun! – Leon
Mmanwu! Pretty face bearing dark soul
Beautiful african queen on the prawl
Feeding on hearts who dare to behold twice
Little by little binging like a mice

Mmanwu! Beneath that is tumulus mind
Batting her lashes and making men blind
Lies often told in million shades of white
Flick the switch to reveal a dreary sight

Mmanwu! When it is dusk and time to sleep
Bit by bit the colours wears off her face
All wiped clean, leaving not a minute trace
Then Nne’s spirit winks and leaves. Mmanwu!-Vera
It is mandi’ang, time to make it rain
Time to rid the cloud of her pregnancy
Farms yearn to be green with our sweat again
Beds are tired of bearing idle bones

It is Mandi’ang, shake the bones you wear
Best local brew brought in by best brewers
Come! eat, drink, dance and scare away our fear
Hope your huge mask and gown of straws let’s you.

It is Mandi’ang, with dance bearing hopes
Our fear of drought and our dream of good grain
More beer to slow down our thundering hearts
Blessed with a new rain, it is Mandi’ang. –Tee2emm
With Adams apple,you make yourself up.
Your pretty face hidden from mankind’s view.
You see but cannot be seen,greedy you.
Gender,story for the gods is,to you.

With Adams apple,you exploit your fans.
Bringing sadness to them with your long rod.
While you Share joy with your body movement.
Turning the village square to a dance floor.

With Adams apple,you cover your voice.
Became a stranger to all your love ones.
Under the umbrella of culture you,
Avenge evil deeds with Adams apple.-Bangwan

Violet! A color that relates to her
like when we met under the grey – blue sky.
We started a love story together,
listen to the part my words made her high.

Violet! She rode on my mornings and noon
always sneaking out to see me at home.
Until this day when the Hulk came too soon,
he disapproved of me and where I’m from.

Violet! My phone has not rang in few days
my heart is drying up, it’s leaves fall off.
Will we continue this love tale I pray,
Since I wrote the book “rainbows and voilet”? – Rudolph

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